Monday, February 3, 2014

Where Did 2013 Go?

2013 was a year that was eaten by depression. I had a good friend who had a baby and didn't even know she was pregnant. Church was doable because I worked with the children and that was more crowd control than worship. Any family or friends I stayed connected with was because they reached out first. I gained ten pounds.

Back in March/April when the depression hit really hard Eric got up early one morning and decorated out apartment. He found motivational quotes about overcoming depression and the importance of positive thoughts and exercise. After reading these quotes everyday for months the message started to sink in.

In May my work started a wellness program using People who earn enough points earn cash prizes so I started logging on and reading articles and other things about healthy lifestyles.

After Thanksgiving Eric and I both started working out more diligently and trying to be better what we ate. At the same time I read "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramesy. All of these things lined up and I was ready to make a change.

Through December I was really good about working out almost everyday but nothing else really changed. Then I read "The Happiness Project".

I am a person who likes a plan. A few years ago when I was ready to get off of antidepressants I read "Spontaneous Happiness" by Andrew Weil. His book had a eight week plan to work towards being off meds. Once I decided I wanted to break out of my funk I needed a plan.

I received a copy of "The Happiness Project" for Christmas along with the Five Year Journal. The book was not quite what I was expecting but I enjoyed it immensely. I was thinking it would be more about how to make my plan and less about her story but I still read it in three days.

At the very end of December I finished the book and decided that I needed a change for 2014. My own happiness project was born.