Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bouncing and Bending

Last week on Wednesday I came home to a flooded home. I give a more detailed play-by-play on my other blog. Then, on Saturday we were at a movie and had to evacuate the theater because of a bomb scare.  Needless to say it has been a crazy few days. What has amazed me is how well I have handled it over all. There have been tears and a few rantings about property management but that has been the exception not the rule. I have had moments of high stress and and standing in my apartment turning in circle because I didn't know what to do but I have also laughed and been grateful.

I kept reminding myself that things could be so much worse and that I am lucky to have Eric who has handled the situation and my emotions very well. I tried to be kind to the maintenance workers, property managers and contractors who have all been walking through my home. I have tried to remember that in a few years this will be a fun story to tell at dinner parties and a memory that helps me recall the wonderful people I know who were willing to help move my stuff, lend me fans and bring me food.

There are moments when the choice to be strong or weak is laid before you and you have to choose. On Wednesday when I walked in my apartment I could choose to be strong and do what I could to save my possessions or I could have sat down and done nothing. In that moment I choose to be strong and push through the panic and the overwhelming feelings.