Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We are all connected

Last night I attended the Depression Support Group that my church hosts. For the opening activity we all choose a word that described us and then spelled it out with scrabble tiles. After that we connected all of our words together (we are aware that we didn't follow the actual rules). I realized looking at the words that all of the words can describe me at some point or another.
One of the blessings about having group at church is is that we can talk about Christ and the Atonement. One of the other ladies started talking about how there are subtle blessings that we don't always see in out lives. One of the blessings I realized that has come due to depression is deep friendships. Almost all of my close friends in Baltimore have come through this group and the sharing that we do. While I had hoped to overcome depression and not have to deal with it anymore that wasn't the blessing God sent me right now.


  1. Thanks for posting Kristelle! I am very thankful for those deep friendships too