Monday, April 15, 2013

An on again off again obssesion

For about five years I have worked to be more all natural/organic in my home. I would love for this to be across the board in food, cleaners, personal products, etc. Needless to say this has yet to happen. I am probably the closest in cleaning products. This is mostly because I found a brand that I like, can buy in a store and doesn't cost an arm and let all while still working. The big struggle comes from feeling like I have to sacrifice quality with non-toxic.

A few weeks ago I found Jessica Alba's book "An Honest Life" and also her new online store. Her book makes it feel much more doable to go more toxic free and also offers reviews of brands other than her own so I know she isn't just pitching her product. Due to trying to be budget friendly as well I am not able to just chuck out everything and then start over but I am going to work on making better choices as I need to buy new items. Right now I need shampoo and conditioner so this is a chance to make a choice free of chemicals.

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