Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three choices

On Tuesday night I normally go to a depression support group at my church. Last night it was cancelled and I quickly made a list of things to do that filled the evening. When I got home my kitchen was covered in ants. (This is an ongoing problem for about a week now.) I also got a text that a church member needed help moving last minute and a phone call that another church member needed a ride home from the hospital that is a bit of a drive on Wednesday mid-day. Needless to stay I was overwhelmed with what to do. Add to all this that Eric is stuck in traffic and has already agreed to go help with the emergency move.

I had a few options. One, I could sit down and cry and do nothing. I will admit that was very tempting and almost followed through with this.  Two, I could say "good luck, you are on your own" to the people who needed help and do my own thing. Things which I always promise myself I will do and never follow through with. Three, get up and go to work. In the end I went and got dinner (no way was I cooking in a kitchen with more insects than rice), picked up a map that Eric needed and then went to help the move while working out the ride situation. Eric got home (after the traffic "magically" cleared; prayers are answered) and cleaned up the ants and we went off to the move.

I am glad I went and helped with the move and was able to figure out the ride situation but I am still frustrated with the fact that once again I didn't follow through with what I promised myself I was going to do.


  1. Take your victory--you didn't get up and instead did quite a bit. Good job.

    Any idea where the ants are coming in? I've seen some home remedies using borax that you might try.

    I've been having a really rough week. I should be out enjoying the sun and instead I'm inside watching TV and hiding from it. I'm not sure what the heck is wrong with me.

    1. The ant ironically enough are coming from behind my dishwasher which shares a wall with my neighbor so no outside access. Right now I am trying a mixture of cornmeal and baby powder. My kitchen looks like a crazy two year went nuts.

      I haven't been out in the sun much either with being at the library all day. I am sorry you are having a rough week. I have the hardest time dealing with rough times when I am not sure where they are coming from.

  2. We have the best stuff for ants---cause we get them every year. Its called Terro liquid ant killer. You just put a couple drops down and the ants will come and eat it and live long enough to carry it back to the nest and share with all his/her friends.

    But I feel ya too....definitely found myself overwhelmed and anxious lately. Glad you were able to figure things out!

    Sorry we had to cancel group this week but will get back on track for next Tuesday!

    Love ya Kristelle