Saturday, April 27, 2013

Choose to Do

On Thursday I received an email from a friend in Baltimore telling me about Sherwood Gardens. I had Friday off so I wanted to go. This in and of its self is a challenge because I am not very good about getting myself out of the house on my day off. In order to try and push comfort level even more I reached out and invited friends to go along. I am a fairly social person but I am not normally the one who will initiate the activity (for all of you who have been invited over for dinner it was Eric's idea, I just had to ask so he would cook).

One friend was already planning on going on Friday evening for a picnic and we decided to make it a double date with their ADORABLE toddler along for entertainment. The weather was great and the tulips were gorgeous. Eric and I were able to go out and have fun without being out too late and we socialized with other people.

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