Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Weekend Round Up

There were quite a few moments this past weekend that allowed me to reflect on my choice about being positive.

*On Friday morning I made a mistake at work and when my boss tried to help she made a mistake and so two little mistakes made a bigger mistake. In the end it all got straightened out but I could feel my self worth starting to slide down, down down. I noticed it and just said "STOP! Your worth is not dependent on a task at work." I had to really think positive thoughts for a while but I bounced back way quicker than I would have in the past.

* Friday was our five year wedding anniversary. I know, super cool. Due to Eric's schedule he was up and gone before I was awake and got home in time to go to bed. I realized I could choose to be sad about not spending time with my husband on our anniversary or I could choose to be grateful that I am married to a wonderful man who is working so hard to become a doctor and that we have had five years to spend together.

* On Saturday I went to an activity with ladies from my church. We were able to share laughs and support and it was great to spend some time getting to know these woman better and learning more about who they are.

*Thursday night I met with some women from church to work on making blankets and hats for babies in the NICU. I am a talker but on Thursday, for a change, I sat and listened. I learned so much about the women who I was working with. The concept of listen twice as much as you talk might have some merit. I might have to try this again :)

*On Saturday Eric (my husband) asked "Why now?" I had to think for a few minutes before I could answer him. What I came up with was that my depression is really well managed right now. The energy that was being used to just get through the day can now be put to being more positive and accepting life the way it is. Also I am the type of person that needs to feel it is my idea to make a change. Eric has been trying to help me be more positive for awhile but I had to be the one to really choose to make the change and in the past week I felt like it was time to make a change. A lot of my motivation has come from this blog.

This is a week of a lot of little things that used to drown me but this week helped lift me up.


  1. Happy Anniversary again! I love your perspective and how you do have the strength and ability now to not these things drag you down but instead lift you up! I loved seeing you many times this week! You always brighten my day! Thanks Kristelle!

  2. Love you, Kris! Read a scripture the other day that totally reminded me of you and your new blog. Philippians 4:11

  3. We spent our anniversary night with me reading a book while Brian answered about a dozen pages all night long. It's the price we pay for our men to have that sexy doctor part of their name right? :) Also, I wish we would've had more time to get to know each other more in Johnson City. I struggle with depression as well and have found myself in some very dark places at different times in my life and eventually had to seek help through a hospitalization. I've hid that from a lot of people over time, but have finally started to come out of my shell a bit and talk about it with people I interact with on a daily basis. The thing that has helped the most is not trying to manage it on my own. When I'm honest with myself and others and vocally admit I'm having a difficult time I find the load a little lighter to bare and it gets easier each time. Hang in there, I look forward to reading more of your beautiful incite.