Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Think, Feel, Do

Once a week I attend a Depression Support Group that my ward (congregation) sponsors here in Baltimore. A few times we have talked about the think, feel, do triangle. Basically our thoughts, emotions and actions are all interconnected and affect each other. At the same time I have been reading the book "Goals" by Brain Tracy. Last night while reading the following quote really made sense to me.

 "You are more likely to act yourself into feeling a particular way than you are to feel yourself into acting." 

I have found this to be very true for myself. When I need to clean my house I have to get up and clean my house whether I feel like it or not. If I try and wait to feel like cleaning my house it is never going to happen. The more I act the way I want to feel the closer I get to actually feeling that way. Each day will be a chance to choose to be happy and to choose to be positive. 

What do you have to act yourself into feeling?

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