Friday, March 22, 2013

Hard Wired

One of the areas that has been a struggle for me is the idea of needing another person to be happy. In the past week I have noticed how we are hard wired to feel this way. As I have listened to love songs on the radio and thought about all of the romantic comedies that are released monthly it is almost impossible to not feel that we need another person to be happy. This isn't a new idea. One of the "greatest" love stories is "Romeo and Juliet". Talk about the epitome of needing the other person the be happy. How many movies are dependent on the girl being saved (with a few role reversals)? Training my brain and my emotional status to not be dependent on Eric or a perfect relationship is tricky when all of society blasts the opposite message at you. I am grateful that I have a wonderful husband who wants me to be happy but even more importantly wants me to be happy independent of anyone else.

Now how to balance seeing some fun movies and listening to main stream radio without buying into the idea that without Eric, the white fence, 2.5 kids and a dog?


  1. Im so in the same boat. I totally depend on my husband too much for my happiness. It needs to come from within but that's hard when your happy seems broken

  2. Kristelle! I'm just loving and loving your new blog. I love reading the thoughts on your beautiful and vulnerable heart. It's refreshing and just what I need. And I especially appreciate that you don't write essays, you just make a point and that's that. I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with lots of long posts. So thanks :) I miss you!

  3. I am with ya too! It's definitely hard wired and I never thought about that before! I sometimes put too much of that pressure and responsibility on Alex when it is my responsibility and choice! Thanks again Kristelle! I love your blog too! Yay for so many followers :)