Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Goals" by Brian Tracy

I have mentioned this book in a few previous posts but today I actually finished it. Back in December it was recommended to Eric and I as part of our real estate training for our business and I would read it in bits and pieces. I finally decided to just sit down and read the book. Overall it was a great book. It is more geared to success in business/sales but I did find pearls for success in life as well. One area that I need to work on is picking something and going at it with gusto until I am able to accomplish the goal. Tracy talks about it being a definite major purpose (Tracy borrowed the phrase from Napoleon Hill). I don't always commit to things easily. I am worried that I will make a choice and then realize later there was something better I could have chosen.  When I do make a choice I then stick my head in the ground and don't want to hear other options for fear of needing to revise. With all of this floating around my head it was hard to pick my major definite purpose. Eric reminded me of the 100 goals we have for us and that those goals are are purpose. Now I just have to pick one and work on it.

In general,  I have a hard time choosing to read informational books because I use reading as a way to check out and to go into a fantasy world where my real world doesn't exist. When I read self-help books my own life is always playing in my mind. Most of the time that is an okay thing but when the depression is really bad it makes me want to scream. Forcing myself to sit down and read this book was a big accomplishment for me and I am proud that I choose to do something a little bit hard.

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